EACP ABROAD – Successful business mission in Japan

Submitted by Audrey Hanocque on 03 October 2017

Following a first “fact finding mission” organised in October 2016 in frame of the European project EACP-ABROAD, a business mission to Nagoya/Japan was conducted from September 25 to 29, 2017 under the leadership of project partner Aerospace Valley, the leader for the EACP-ABROAD target country Japan. With ESAC Eskisehir, Niedersachsen Aviation, Rhône-Alpes Aerospace Cluster and Aerospace Valley a total of 4 EACP-ABROAD clusters have attended the mission accompanying a total of 12 of their member companies.

Three distinct events were covered during that “Chubu Aerospace Week”:

  1. France-Japan workshop on Civil Aviation Industry Cooperation (September 25)
  2. Aeromart Nagoya business convention (September 26-28)
  3. International cluster seminar and industry site visits (September 29).

All participants to the mission have gained interesting insight into the Japanese aerospace landscape; combined with cultural learnings. On cluster management level existing contacts and cooperation have been fostered. Indeed, such building of trust is crucial in the context of internationalization of clusters.

The next major aerospace event in Japan will take place from 28th November to 30th November 2018: Japan International Aerospace Exhibition in Tokyo.

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