EACN Partnership members help the EU Auto industry to transform the pandemic crisis into an opportunity

Submitted by Thomas RÖHR on 23 April 2020

On 23 April 2020, 19 experts from 15 automotive clusters from 10 European and international countries representing more than 2.800 companies met to launch an action to think about how to support their members and the whole European automotive industry to overcome the current pandemic crisis and to transform it into an opportunity for the future.

The participants agreed on a methodology consisting in working during the next weeks in three independant Working Groups to prepare a joint EACN Vision for a European Automotive Industry as well as an EACN Roadmap to support their members during the future transformation processes.

EACN Methodology for pandemic crisis fighting action

The three Working Group topics are

  • A possible future Automotive Industry landscape
  • Joint and individual cluster support actions
  • Financial and HR impacts on companies

The results of the Working groups will be shared among the participants in May and will be used to develop the EACN Vision and Roadmap.

The following clusters participated in this first meeting:

  • ARIA Haut-de-France, France
  • ARIA Normandie - Mov'eo, France
  • Automotive Cluster Bulgaria
  • Automotive Cluster Serbia
  • Bayern Innovativ, Germany
  • CARA European Cluster for Mobility Solutions, France
  • CIAC, Spain
  • Clúster de Automoción de la Comunitat Valenciana, Spain
  • Cluster of Automotive Industry, Russian Federation
  • Mobinov :: Cluster Automóvel Portugal
  • Moravskoslezský automobilový klastr, Czech Republic
  • North East Automotive Alliance Limited, united Kingdom
  • PGM - Polska Grupa Motoryzacyjna (Polish Automotive Group)
  • Pôle Véhicule du Futur, France - moderator
  • Silesian Automotive & Advanced Manufacturing Cluster, Poland

Interested in joining EACN and the process? Contact Thomas Röhr, tr [at] vehiculedufutur.com

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