E2Driver: welcome to the EU training platform for the automotive supply industry

Submitted by Alessia Menduni on 03 June 2019

The engines are ready for E2DRIVER, the training platform boosting the automotive supply industry collective intelligence on energy efficiency: the kick-off will take place in Zaragoza on 13th June in CIRCE office, the project’s coordinator.

E2Driver platform will provide access to training material, online lessons, guidelines, energy and financial tools, virtual reality modules and a community of key actors in the sector for SMEs to undergo energy audits and implement their recommendations. The training methodology will enable the development of specific training paths based on the company’s needs and trainees’ role in the company, which will increase the effectiveness of the training sessions and the awareness on energy issues among the staff.

MESAP will be involved all over the project duration in order to perform engagement activities and contribute to the dissemination of E2DRIVER. The main objective of these activities is to involve automotive companies in the project that could be interested in the training as well as a wide network of stakeholders that could provide their inputs and feedback to the project development and participate in E2DRIVER network.

The project in the framework of Horizon 2020 Programme aims at enhancing the role and importance of energy efficiency in the companies: E2Driver  is composed by three well-known RTDs (CIRCE, FRAUNHOFER, POLITO), four National Associations (SERNAUTO, AEN, MESAP, MOV’EO) and five enterprises with innovation capacities (EPROPLAN, SINERGIE, ENGIE, EPC, MERIT) from five different countries (Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Belgium). This partnership structure provides the complementary and critical mass to accomplish the project goals successfully in terms of timing, quality and costs, ensuring that no partner is missing for the aimed activities.

Why a training platform for automotive industry? 

The automotive sector uses substantial amounts of energy (both electricity and fossil fuels) in the manufacture of its products. Moreover, it also determines through the design of its products how end-users will consume energy related to their use, which makes this sector essential to the global effort to use energy more efficiently and emphasizes the need for increasing awareness on energy issues among its employees.

In particular, transportation accounts for approximately one quarter of global energy use and is projected to increase by nearly 50 percent by 2030 and by more than 80 percent by 2050 in the absence of new regulations. In any case, given the diversity of the automotive manufacturing industry and the many finished parts of a vehicle, operational energy use must be assessed across the entire supply chain; from raw materials, to parts production, to manufacturing assembly, in order to optimize efficiency and energy use.

E2DRIVER methodology will create an adaptive and active learning environment for employees to increase their capabilities in energy efficiency; it will enable a continuous update of the training material and method which enables trainees to generate their own knowledge and training materials to be shared through E2DRIVER cooperative networks.

The engines are ready ! Stay tuned on our social!


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