The DUOMO 1.0 project begins to promote digitization in SMEs in the Spanish industry

Submitted by Serena Rebollo… on 17 August 2022

  • The DUOMO 1.0 project provides software development and a collaborative platform, framed within an intercompany business solution through a virtual system for efficient interaction between companies
  • Duomo 1.0 aims to be a Lean manufacturing solution that provides improvements in the ecological transition for the value chain of co-packaging products

The DUOMO 1.0 project: Digitization of logistics processes focused on ecommerce proposes a technological and automation transformation in production processes to face new challenges within the Akoma Group case study with the participation of two SMEs, Twentic and Dribia coordinated by two entities, Clúster Digital de  Cataluña and Packaging  Cluster.

The objective of the project is to conceptualize, design and test an experimental development of a digital logistics platform with integrated artificial intelligence to face the requirements of the e-commerce sales model for companies that do not have integrated logistics management of their offer (B2B2C) and provide access to this channel. in a digital, intelligent and automated way. The result of this challenge will create a virtual logistics platform prototype through an OMS (Order Management System) software that will connect its customers under the necessary requirements of e-commerce distribution in an interdependent manner.

The project stems from Akoma's need, as a provider of co-packaging and handling services, to take a step forward in the technological and digital transformation of its services in order to remain competitive at a national and international level and continue accompanying its clients in the growth of this channel, guaranteeing a rapid response and quality service at a competitive cost. Akoma faces this first strategic transformation through the Duomo 1.0 project in collaboration with two companies specialized in digital transformation; Twentic, specialized in the creation of highly interconnected custom software, and the newly created company Dribia, experts in data science and the creation of artificial intelligence algorithmic models.

During the development of the project, it is divided into four main phases: 1) Requirements, definition and design in collaboration between the 3 SMEs 2) Development of the IT management infrastructure by Twentic 3) Creation of the algorithmic prototype by Dribia 4) Execution, preliminary results yevaluation of the tool. 

The progress of the project is based on integrated and optimized digital solutions that respond more efficiently to the demands of all the agents involved and finally to significantly scale the professionalization and digital leadership in the logistics management of electronic commerce.

Duomo 1.0 aims to be the first phase of a comprehensive transformation project for Akoma warehouses towards digitalization and automation of the connected factory (Smart Factory), industry 4.0 technologies that have special emphasis on the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan for help the services of the Spanish economy to be leaders in the European industry of tomorrow. 

The success of this project would not only provide a great qualitative step in Smart Factory for the Akoma factory and its commitment to the development of R&D projects, it would also significantly expand the portfolio of innovation projects in the implementation of digital technologies for the improvement of industrial processes provided by Twentic and Dribia.

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