The drone industry in Africa

Submitted by CUTULLIC Samuel on 28 March 2022


The drone or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) industry in Africa is taking off and it is evolving into a massive enterprise. People have begun to recognize the many benefits of using UAVs for commercial and non-commercial purposes, which boosted the growth of this rapidly emerging industry. The recent investment of the renowned world-class drone and aviation company XM2 PURSUIT into CharisUAS a Rwandan aerial solution provider reflected how the world is expecting a lot from the drone technology in Africa.

Nowadays, drones are being used to solve some socio-economic or environmental problems. In many African countries with poor road infrastructure, drones are proving to be an efficient way of providing logistical services for the delivery of supplies in rural areas. UAVs are extremely important for the modernization of African agriculture, as they bring more efficiency, precision, and reliability at a much lower cost. UAVs help to optimize agricultural yields because they significantly reduce production costs. In this article, several use cases will be described. According to Mediatech Africa (a biennial advanced media and entertainment technology trade show) director, Simon Robinson, drone technology is a powerful tool for many sectors of the economy but it’s undeniably disrupting and drastically altering the events, media, and film-making industries.
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