DIVA sustainability measures

Submitted by Lydia Brunault on 15 October 2021

The DIVA project was conceived and carried out with the aim of stimulating the emergence of innovative digital solutions for the agriculture, forestry and environment sectors. Within this framework, the 10 partners of the DIVA consortium have mobilised to create an
acceleration dynamic. More than 60 events were held in the 6 partner countries to collect stakeholder needs, to cross competences, reflect on solutions and support SMEs in building projects. Following the 2 calls for projects that were launched, nearly 400 proposals were received and 134 projects involving 180 companies from 9 countries were selected. In addition to the financial support provided in the form of an innovation voucher, maturation support was provided to companies as well as a support in the form of communication to give them visibility, matchmaking opportunities and trainings. The KPIs defined at the beginning of DIVA have been achieved and exceeded for most of them. A community of partners and companies has been created. The DIVA partners are fully involved and motivated to continue the actions undertaken and this dynamic will continue beyond the end of DIVA. This deliverable outlines the perspectives for continuation envisaged by the partners and defines the sustainability measures and the common roadmap established by the DIVA consortium.

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