DITECFER coordinates the new COSME-funded S-ACCESS project (Smes ACCESS to international public procurements)

Submitted by Veronica Elena Bocci on 20 July 2021

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On July 1st the new project "S-ACCESS - Smes ACCESS to international public procurements" was launched. Funded under the COSME programme of the EU - Call "COS-PPOUT-2020-2-03, the project is coordinated by DITECFER (the Railway Technologies cluster in Italy) and has as partners the railway clusters i-Trans (France), Rail.S (Germany), Järnvägsklustret (Sweden), MAFEX (Spain), RCSEE (Serbia and Southeast Europe) and Rail Alliance (United Kingdom).
The project is a spin-off of the "PERES ESCP-4i" and of the "EXXTRA ESCP-4x". The partners, in fact, are fully committed to take their internationalisation services to a higher level, focusing on new approaches to help their SME members overcome a set of obstacles (organisational, technical, legal, financial...) they face when attempting to participate in international public procurements.
The target countires of the S-ACCESS project are USA, Canada and Norway.
The project will last 36 months (from 1st July 2021 to 30 June 2024) and is divided in two phases:
- a Preparatory Phase lasting 15 months, where the partners will develop solutions for each type of obstacle;
- an Implementation Phase lasting 21 months, where the partners will test their strategy and assist the SMEs on the field.
A specific project website will be launched in 3 months. There we will also share the public deliverables for cross-fertilisation within the European cluster community.

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