The Digital Manufacturing Training System for SMEs (Digit-T) project - A free online training course and e-book

Submitted by Andrea Mazzoleni on 25 February 2021


The Erasmus + “Digital Manufacturing Training System for SMEs – Digit-t” project has created a free online training programme aimed at helping SMEs in understanding what Digital Manufacturing is, the associated terminology, the expected benefits, and how an organisation can start adopting it.
The training materials, which are available in English, Spanish and Italian, are split into 2 parts:
A free online training platform ( and an e-book complementing the online training courses downloadable from the project website (
The training modules deal with 3 macro-topics:
• Management in Industry I4.0
• Advanced Production Systems
• Intelligent Robotics.
Each topic is split into 3-4 different training modules, which are sub-divided into a series of sessions.
The project is coordinated by the Institute for Advanced Manufacturing at the University of Nottingham (UK), with the participation of the STIIMA Institute of the National Research Council (Italy), Eurecat Technology centre (Spain) and AFIL - the Lombardy Intelligent Factory Association (Italy).

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