Development of the RDI capacity of the PRO WOOD cluster – ”INNO WOOD”

Submitted by PRO WOOD Regio… on 04 September 2018

Awarded with silver label by ESCA for cluster management, PRO WOOD is the first cluster in Romania, in the modern sense of the word, established in 2010 to integrate the producers of the wood processing and furniture industry from the region into a competitive value chain on international level. The wood processing and furniture industry is considered to be one of the sectors with an important economic role and influence on the occupation. It is a traditional „low skilled-low tech” sector, whose main driver for higher-added value is called innovation.

Development of the RDI capacity of the PRO WOOD cluster – ”INNO WOOD” project aims to develop the RDI agenda of the cluster, thus contributing to the increase of competitiveness and level of innovation of members; strenghtening of cooperation, creation of new, innovative products with high added-value and increasing the level of internationalization. PRO WOOD aims to become an important actor of innovation on regional, national and Danube region level. In order to achieve this goal, different activities will be carried aut to improve the current situation, RDI working groups will be created, dissemination events, specialized services will be provided to increase the level/conditions for innovation.

By developing the strategic RDI agenda, PRO WOOD will have a significant role in establishing the wood and furniture industry as a regional area of excellence in the Centru region and in increasing the level of internationalization, through the integration of the cluster in international networks.By the end of the project, there will be new, joint projects thus developing the cooperation on different levels; new products/services will be developed and the level of internationalization of the PRO WOOD cluster will increase as well.

Further information about the project is available upon request: office [at]  / prowoodcluster [at]

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