Demonstration case studies on senso based solutions in the food processing industry

Submitted by Gus Verhaeghe on 30 October 2020

In this document 2 practical examples have been elaborated to show how sensor-based solutions -and in a wider meaning- digital technologies can be introduced in the food processing sector, thanks to European interregional cooperation. With this document we want to inspire food processing companies (in particular, SMEs), digital providers, public agencies and other stakeholders linked to the food sector.

Following demonstration case studies are described and analyzed:

  1. Collaboration between food Living-labs and technology providers, for the integration and validation of a IoT solution in an industrially relevant environment. It involves 5 organizations from 4 European regions: Asturias (ES), Flanders (BE), Galicia (ES) and Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur (FR)
  2. Collaboration between food companies and technology & equipment providers and for the application in a real food processing environment of a new digital solution, based on computer vision. It involves 3 organizations from 2 European regions: Flanders (BE) and South-Holland NL).

The 2 case studies also represent potential projects that can look for investments after the end of CONNSENSYS.

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