D4.2_NE4HEALTH Midterm Report on dissemination and Communication is now available

Submitted by ROTARU Flaviana on 29 July 2021


The NE4HEALTH Mid-term Report constitutes a summary of the project activities done in WP 4 – Dissemination & Communication, by members of NE4HEALTH consortium in the first 9 months of the NE4HEALTH Project implementation.
The objectives are:
• To raise awareness of the project activities and events.
• To communicate and disseminate the findings and results among stakeholders, cluster networks, authorities, both inside the project and outside the project’s borders.
• To identify and use the appropriate channels to efficiently communicate with the target groups and stakeholders (including the identification of events, social media networks, press, multiplier organizations, etc.).
• To produce the necessary supporting material to ensure effective dissemination, including printed materials where possible (i.e. brochures, posters, roll-ups, etc.) and digital material (infographics, data sheets, reports, pieces of news, etc.);
• To liaise with existing networks, clusters, and initiatives.
• To facilitate regular communication, through press releases and newsletters, to inform about the latest news and developments of the project to the media.
• To enhance the exploitation potential of the project’s results through the established exploitation actions.
• To ensure the sustainability of the Project’s outputs after the end of the project.

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