D3.4 Report of conclusions of the new value chains seminar

Submitted by Chris Moscardi on 13 April 2021

The current deliverable which has been produced within the activities carried pout within Work Package 3 "Diagnosis & Identification of opportunities" and it gathers the output of the New Value Chains workshop celebrated during March 2016.
Cross-sectoral cooperation between fashion/textile/footwear and technological companies from the digital economy is a core element of the FASCINATE approach, as it opens a wide-range of collaborations to explore the development of new products and services. To this end and making the most of the cross-sectoral nature of the partnership, FASCINATE organized a workshop between companies from these sectors. MODACC and CD, both based in Barcelona, will call for the participation of their members in a workshop-style seminar to discuss about possible value-chain to be developed by combining services, products, technologies and other resources from SMEs and other cluster members. This document represents a report on the conclusions of the seminar will be drafted and circulated to all clusters’ members.

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