Conclusions of the EACN project’s meeting in Katowice, Poland

Submitted by Clotilde Nadé on 19 February 2019

One week ago, on February, 12th and 13th 2019, the EACN project’s partners met in Silesia Automotive & Advanced Manufacturing (SA&AM) cluster’s premises in Katowice.

The main discussions held were about the consortium strategy development and the service package development. Partners decided the core issues to deal with when focusing on the four selected axes of the project (virtualisation and planning processes, robotics and AI, elasticity of production processes, skills and competences).

The main goal of this meeting was to define the best way for the partners to organise the collection of audits, the workshops, matchmaking events and study visits within the whole duration of the project, always with SMEs as targets.

From now on, the mission of the EACN partners will be to make an audit in 50 European SMEs of the automotive industry to understand their needs and the issues they are facing, and thus to help them answer it and get information on the kind of projects that can be implemented. Two online sessions followed by three thematic workshops will be organised by the EACN consortium from March until the end of June.

Keep following us and reading our news if you want to know more about the forthcoming events we are organising!

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