The concept of transcendence to lead successful teams

Submitted by Serena Rebollo… on 06 July 2020

In the last Packaging Brunch Corporate organized by the Packaging Cluster, we enjoyed the speeches of the regular collaborator Albert Riba, serial entrepreneur and disseminator, as well as that of José Luis LlorenteOlympic Silver and expert in high performance teams. On the 3rd of July, we were offered a small capsule of what it means to incorporate transcendental leadership into our company strategy, to cultivate the mind and enhance our managerial skills.

During the webinar, the importance of incorporating transcendence, as a trip to an unknown, uncertain future, into our business strategy has been highlighted. And, currently, leaders have a hard time motivating their work teams because of the situation in which we find ourselves, convulsed and full of bewilderment. Accompanying our people in this new unknown scenario is the way to go, on the basis that the pause is essential to become aware of the context.

The speakers explained how to connect with yourself, your environment and your beliefs through monastic and sports discipline. These disciplines help you achieve inner and physical well-being thanks to the fight against the comfort of everyday life, a life far removed from our origins.

José Luis Llorente's long experience as a professional basketball player and as an expert in high-level sport have allowed him to acquire certain daily work routines to face the challenges that arise. Llorente recommends exercising constantly with aerobic, anaerobic and strength exercises; move continuously, because, although we are nomads by nature, our civilization works sitting long hours; follow a nutritious and healthy diet for our brain; showering with cold water as a short challenge to stress our body and activate it to action, to be alert; and, of course, continuous and intermittent rest, to achieve maximum performance.

Albert Riba, who has explored monastic methods in his spiritual retreats, gave us some clues to manage our vital concerns and fulfill work objectives: first, it is necessary to carry out a recollection, understanding it as the search for small spaces of disconnection that allow you to maintain a ritual with yourself to reflect; later, he affirms the need to isolate ourselves from ourselves to see the known and unknown limits, to know what our reality is like and to transcend that reality; and the last pillar of monastic life is contemplation in action, or what is the same, finding the balance between acting and contemplating what is happening to us. Don't see things from a biased prism.

Both have come together to offer tools to the different leaders of organizations to be able to coordinate departments and people with each other, align themselves according to common values, which will later become virtues. As Albert Riba mentioned: "Create a leader who is capable of generating life."

In case you want to remember the webinar or, simply, could not attend, we leave you here the link to the recording of the session, also available on our Youtube profile. The following virtual session will study how to implement technology 4.0. in our production plant, together with AIS Vision Systems, KUKA and Tai Smart Factory, on the 7th of July, at 10am. Registrations here.

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