Submitted by Lucia Seel on 07 November 2018

As announced on 25th September 2018 on our website, we are proud to inform that the CLUSTERIX 2.0 recommendations are now published and available for the broad community of cluster policy makers and implementers in Europe.

As one of the outcomes of almost 3 years of intense learning, exchange and collaboration within the partnership, this set of recommendations reflects the joint effort to look for key issues that need to be addressed by the policy agendas at different levels (regional, national, European) and identify and prioritize “common denominators”. These are the themes that are relevant for more regions and countries. Through such an approach, we can communicate with a stronger CLUSTERIX 2.0 voice about the needs that should be addressed by the policy level, especially within a broader, European context.

We invite you not only to read them here, but also to let us know if one or another recommendation applies to your cluster policies. This would be a valuable feedback for further learning and building synergies across Europe.


Simone Hagenauer (S.Hagenauer [at], coordinator of the CLUSTERIX2.0 project

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