Cluster partnership vision and strategy; implementation roadmap

Submitted by Gus Verhaeghe on 28 October 2020

One of the objectives of the Connsensys project is to set up a long-term and sustainable partnership between the S3P (Smart sensor systems 4 agri-food) partners. To reach this goal a partnership agreement has been created that all partners signed in the scope of the mid-term meeting. The partnership agreement includes some crucial annexes that describe the (1) governance structure, (2) strategy and (3) implementation roadmap for the partnership.  The partnership agreement and its annexes are a public available document that can be consulted by any (potential) partner.

The governance structure describes how the S3P partnership will be coordinated, what the role and rights of the regular and associated members are and how the partnership activities are financed. In the strategy document the challenges and methodology to reach the objectives are described. The implementation roadmap visualizes all the necessary steps to reach the overall goals of our S3P partnership.

Cluster organisation
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