Cluster Internationalisation Best Practices Guide

Submitted by Isabelle DE SUTTER on 13 April 2016

This document compiles the best practices identified & initiated by the Be Wiser consortium regarding internationalisation strategy, especially for SMEs who find themselves in a disadvantaged position compared to larger competitors.

In most EU regions, supporting organisations are actively helping companies to reach out to international market through market analysis, organisation of trade missions and financing.

In the EU, clusters are a key instrument to support SMEs in particular to remove hurdles associated with smaller firm size. International cooperation between companies can is facilitated when they are affiliated to a network or cluster. World class clusters can help drawing the attention of foreign companies, potential partners and customers to companies within the regions.

The Be Wiser project has identified & developed a set of internationalisation best practices to reach the defined goals, including different tools and initiatives such as match making tools and combined trade missions. Each of the initiatives is linked and relies on each other to multiply their individual benefits. In the current document we described these mechanisms , their regional and commun applications and future suggested actions towards internationalisation.

Cluster organisation
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