Cluster Digital de Catalunya at the 'Clusters driving the Green and Digital transitions' event

Submitted by Joan Puate Puy on 22 November 2021


Cluster Digital de Catalunya, as a partner within the SmartCTClusters Partnership, together with the Mobility & Logistic Cluster of the Basque Country, is participating during the 22nd November 2021 (all day) and 23rd November 2021 (morning) in the “Clusters driving the Green and Digital transitions” event taking place in Paris. This is a unique opportunity to learn about clusters’ role in the twin transitions and benefit from capacity building sessions from experienced trainers. The agenda includes Conferences, Panel discussions, and various Thematic Capacity building sessions.
Cluster Digital of Catalunya, is really looking forward to benefiting from this learning, networking and knowledge transfer opportunity in order to increase the scope of its activities and actions, especially by improving the capacities of its team and the quality of its support services.

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Clúster Digital Catalunya
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