Clusaga promotes the ML4Milk project, focused on mass data processing for optimising the performance in production processes and in final product quality in the dairy sector and its value chain

Submitted by Roberto Alonso on 12 January 2022

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The Galicia Food & Drink Cluster (Clusaga) leads the national collaborative project ML4Milk, which has been selected in the last call of the national support programme for clusters (Agrupaciones Empresariales Innovadoras), convened by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism. The project, which has been selected among 220 applications presented, involves an investment of close to 150000 EUR and will run until March 2022.

The overall objective of ML4Milk is to increase production yields, milk quality and the quality of final dairy products by improving on-farm operating and factory processing conditions through machine learning techniques.

This is being pursued through three specific objectives:

  1. To study the potential impact of different critical farm and process variables on business KPIs and to select those key factors to increase the productivity of milk and dairy products, as well as their final quality.
  2. Define the Best Available Technologies that allow monitoring the selected variables and automate the collection of the necessary data for their management in real time at a low cost.
  3. To develop new forms of management, analysis and visualisation of the data and main KPIs generated on farms and in production processes that allow producers and processors to optimise decision-making.

The project will lead to the development and validation of a massive data monitoring and analysis platform for the dairy sector that allows process variables to be optimised based on IoT sensorisation of processing conditions, both on the farm and in the factory.

Clusaga coordinates this project, which involves also two dairy companies (Casa Grande de Xanceda SL and Queizuar SL) and two technological companies (Glaücor Ingeniería SA and Triple Alpha Innovation SL), all of them members of Clusaga.

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