Clusaga promotes the INTERTECH 4.0 project, focused on developing an intersectoral platform for 4.0 solutions and incubator for digitization projects

Submitted by Roberto Alonso on 02 August 2022


The Galicia Food & Drink Cluster (Clusaga) leads the national collaborative project INTERTECH 4.0, which has been selected in the second call of 2021 of the national support programme for clusters AEI (Agrupaciones Empresariales Innovadoras), convened by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism.

The INTERTECH 4.0 project “Intersectoral platform for 4.0 solutions and incubator for digitization projects. Phase I” aims to materialize the interaction between industrialists around an intersectoral platform to promote the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry, as well as the implementation of R&D&I actions linked to it.

This initiative favors transversal technology transfer in the manufacturing industry, promoting the supply-demand connection and the generation of tractor projects in Galicia that promotes the implementation of digitization and Industry 4.0.

INTERTECH 4.0 is a strategic and intersectoral project coordinated by the Galicia Food Cluster (Clusaga). Aclunaga (Asociación Clúster del Naval Gallego), CEAGA (Clúster de Empresas de Automoción de Galicia), Clúster TIC, DIHGIGAL (Asociación para la Digitalización de la Industria de Galicia) and the SMEs Pisa – Proyectos de Innovación and TripleAlpha are the rest of the members that make up the project consortium.

INTERTECH 4.0 objectives

1.       Constitute a totally innovative and transgressive intelligent and cooperative space for the region capable of connecting technological supply and demand.

2.       Identify and generate new collaboration opportunities for the traction of the main economic sectors towards a cutting-edge technological environment.

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