CLAMTEX met in Ontinyent with the external experts to review the clusters new strategies

Submitted by Josep Casamada on 24 March 2022

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AEI Tèxtils participated last week to the CLAMTEX project meeting to review the new strategies of the partnership together with the external advisory board. CLAMTEX - Cluster management towards excellence in Advanced Manufacturing and Textile Industry, is a European Cluster Strategic Partnerships for Excellence project, which is coordinated by AEI Tèxtils.


The aim of the meeting was to strengthen the cluster competencies and networks to develop new and improved services for its members in the advanced textile materials’ sector in Catalonia. The meeting was hosted at ATEVAL  and counted with the participation of the external advisory board of the project, Alberto Pezzi and Emma Vendrell from ACCIÓ, who are internationally recognized as cluster experts.

During the meeting, the key focus was the sharing of learnings and successes implemented in CLAMTEX such as the strategy review of all clusters and the development of new services, and feedback gathering from the external experts in order to better implement the strategies and maximize the impact for their members.

In addition to the project meeting, CLAMTEX members participated in a training on Lean Management in order to improve the clusters’ management skills with lean methodologies to facilitate agile and high-value services.


CLAMTEX is a cross-sectoral partnership involving clusters from textile and advanced manufacturing and it is a key strategic project of AEI Tèxtils. Learning from different sectors is essential for the cluster in developing and upgrading services based on good practices transferable across different domains supporting innovation.


The experience exchange was really fruitful for all participants and each cluster is currently working in developing synergic actions to strengthen and endure the cluster collaboration across Europe to improve their services.


CLAMTEX is one out of 13 funded consortiums at European level. The CLAMTEX partnership is composed by five clusters, AEI TÈXTILS in Catalonia, ATEVAL in Valencia, PRODUCTECH and the Textile Cluster both in Portugal, and EMC2 in France.


The project, co-funded under the COSME program from the European Union, aims to strengthen cluster management excellence to boost the specialized technical textile innovation eco-system by promoting the cross-sectoral and cross-regional collaboration to facilitate the uptake of digitalization within and beyond the partnership.


CLAMTEX is also implementing the ClusterXchange pilot scheme to facilitate SME international experiences across Europe for generating business and innovation opportunities.

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