CLAMTEX latest report: Market studies and value chain growth potential

Submitted by Josep Casamada on 16 November 2021


New report: Market studies and value chain growth potential

CLAMTEX partnership has released a public report on the value chain growth potential and market trends! 

The present study aims to identify cross-sectoral trends, opportunities and challenges of the Textile and Advanced Manufacturing Industry, in order to guide the sector's stakeholders, in a context influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic, which emphasized the need to promote Sustainability and Digitalization. 

In order to map the path of both sectors in this context, the study adopts an approach based on four essential points. 

Firstly, the study makes a characterization of the Textile and Apparel Industry Market and the Advanced Manufacturing Market, in which the trajectory of the sector in the last years, its current state and the main trends in terms of Innovation are identified. 

In the second part of the study, the concepts of Sustainability and Circular Economy will be clarified, the main challenges of the sector in this field, the main efforts made to pursue these objectives and the opportunities that can help in this process of transformation. 

In the third part, the concepts of Industry 4.0 and Digitalization will be discussed, as well the key technologies related to the Industry 4.0 and the Digitalization process, their adoption and the trends and challenges associated will be addressed. 

Then, in the fourth part, textile Industry's global value chain will be described and the main hotspots of the value chain, the technological trends that are reconfiguring the value chain and the opportunities inherent in this reconfiguration process will be identified. 

Finally, in the last part of the study, the analysis of the partnership is conducted, divided into two topics. The first topic consists of a member’s individual analysis that compose the partnership, their aims and objectives, modus operandi and contributions of each member to the sector. The second topic is a collective analysis of the clusters, assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the group, in order to identify and maximize potential synergies.

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