CIRCULAR PACK: promoting circularity in food packaging

Submitted by Serena Rebollo… on 10 February 2021

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The Foodservice Cluster and the Packaging Cluster, with the support of the eco-innovation study inèdit, are launching Circular Pack a collaborative initiative to create a decalogue of circularity for food packaging. This decalogue aims to help companies in the agri-food and packaging value chain to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the circular economy and eco-design.

This project will help companies better prepare for one of the key challenges in the sector, such as food packaging waste, adapting them to new regulations such as the recent European directive on single-use plastics or future waste laws in Spain and Catalonia, both in preparation. The decalogue also aims to help organizations generate business opportunities, as well as disseminate and increase knowledge about ecodesign and the principles of the circular economy among the business fabric, which will ultimately help to minimize the use of resources and promote reuse and recyclability to reduce waste in a sector as key as food.

The decalogue aims to capture a vision of the life cycle of packaging systems, with the aim of specifying those aspects that affect the circularity of packaging, especially recyclability. These aspects can also include: format, materials, applications, environmental communication, etc.

With the Circular Pack initiative, the Foodservice Cluster and the Packaging Cluster, with the support of inèdit, will provide a compass with which companies that manufacture or use food packaging can orient themselves in times of change.


Inèdit is a strategic eco-innovation study, a spin-off of the UAB research park, which works towards the transition towards a smart, prosperous and sustainable future. We feed ourselves with the organizations of tomorrow by accompanying them to manage the change posed by the circular economy.

The Foodservice Cluster of Catalonia is an organization whose main objective is to promote and strengthen the competitiveness of the foodservice segment, stimulating and exploiting synegies among the members of the value chain to promote the development of transformative projects.The Packaging Cluster's main objective is to help the companies that make it up competitively, to generate more and better business for companies and entities in the world of packaging.

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