The circular economy in silk processing

Submitted by William Fox on 23 October 2019

Circular economy innovation can come from the most unlikely of places; for example, in the case of Bio Stopanstvo Lopyanko, the company´s CEO, Dessislava Dimitrova, found it in silkworms. In fact, the potential for implementing a circular economy in silk processing is much greater than we could ever have imagined. 

Until 2017, Bio Stopanstvo Lopyanko concentrated the bulk of their efforts on raising silkworms that were to be used to produce silk for the textile industry. They combined this activity with the production of vegetables for the local market. However, due to the low profitability of their activities, Dessislava made the decision to change from a linear economy model to a circular one. This is where the AGRI_GAYA18 project came in; the primary objective of this project was to build a completely automated plant, capable not only of producing organic silk but also of reprocessing the excess materials, which, in turn, would increase synergies with the technical, food and cosmetics sectors, to name just a few.

This is the story of one of the SMEs participating in our acceleration program. C-VOUCHER is proud to be able to help this company to make a real difference in the water treatment industry.

To read the complete story and watch an accompanying video follow this link.

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