Circular Challenges Catalogue

Submitted by willfox on 31 October 2019

Due to a global need for preserving resources and limiting the industries’ environmental footprint more and more, businesses are looking into new ways of making products and providing services. Turning towards the circular economy is one way of doing so.

In that way, C-VoUCHER project is centered on helping SMEs from five different industries (blue growth, health, agro-food, textile, and manufacturing) transition from linear to circular business models.

As a way to map out and organize the challenges stakeholders in these industries experience when attempting to make this transition, each of the Regional Innovation Hubs (RIHs) involved in the project hosted a workshop to explore the realm of the so-called «circularity challenges», i.e. industry-specific challenges that could be solved by applying Circular Economy methods to business models. Workshops were organized with one round before the first Open Call in 2018 and with another round before the second Open Call in 2019. Below are some of the key findings for each industry, identified in the regional workshops.

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