The Champion SMEs of the 1st call of the project F2F Health Matters have been selected!

Submitted by Roberto Alonso on 13 June 2022


The Champion SMEs of the call for the first target coutry, Canada were selected by the F2F Health Matters project consortium. SMEs get the opportunity to expand their business and to start a new internationalisation journey. Three types of dedicated internationalisation support will be provided: Commercial Lead Support, Travel Aid and Elite Program.

Commercial Lead Support

This support consists of the financing of personalised consultancy services of commercial prospection on the target countries. SMEs will receive personalised support from external service providers with excellent market knowledge.

The selected SMEs are the following: Vésale pharma (Belgium), Danesti Alimentação, lda (Portugal), CIRCUL'EGG (France), HUMAC s.r.o. (Slovakia), Mieles Anta (Spain).

Travel Aid

The next support consists of a contribution of 2.000€ for travel and subsistence costs resulting of the participation in the collective internationalisation missions to the targeted countries.  SMEs are supported to meet potential business partners, leading to new business agreements and promising collaborations. 

The selected SMEs are the following: LINATELLE SRL (Belgium), Bella Vie (Belgium), Tilman s.a. (Belgium), Occidens – Expertevasion (Portugal), Ramirez & Cª (Filhos), S.A. (Portugal), BIOGROUPE (France), Agogo (France), Archie (France), DIVAS drink INTERNATIONAL a. s. (Slovakia), HAPPYLIFE s. r. o. (Slovakia), Innolact (Quescrem) (Spain) and Healthinfoods (Spain).

Elite Program

All the selected SMEs are part of the Elite SMEs coaching and training program, which will provide training courses for the Canadian market, coaching and access to a dedicated SMEs Community.

How to get support for your internationalisation journey?

The next call will be launched in autumn 2022. All information about the calls, application, and selection process can be found on the project website in Get involved section.  

SMEs can get additional support and information about entering market in Canada during webinar organized on 14th June 2022.  More information is available at the F2F Health Matters Community Platform.

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