Cellografica Gerosa goes one step further in the digitalisation of its plants with the DDM project

Submitted by Serena Rebollo… on 09 March 2023

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  • Cellografica Gerosa, Dribia, TAI Smart Factory and Packaging Cluster join the Data-Driven Maintenance project 
  • The companies and the cluster are investigating how to analyse the data collected in the Cellografica Gerosa production plant in order to be able to predict future failures through artificial intelligence.

The DDM project, or Data-Driven Maintenance, is a collaboration between the companies Cellografica GerosaDribia and TAI Smart Factory which, with the coordination of the Packaging Cluster, is trying to find the way towards the digitalisation of companies in the packaging sector. 

DDM started in 2022 the study on how to implement a data management and analysis system in the production plant of Cellografica Gerosa, printers of flexible packaging, in order to be able to predict failures with the support of Artificial Intelligence.

The analysis began with an understanding of the current data collection process at the Cellografica Gerosa factory, in order to get a picture of its day-to-day needs. With this data, TAI Smart Factory, specialists in software development, have been able to set up an accessible and simple system with which to standardise manufacturing processes and digitise plant information (counters, quality controls, line status, etc.). The system will facilitate the entire decision-making process and workflow identification. 

The next step will be to carry out a proof of concept to determine the feasibility of implementing AI technology, with an algorithm developed by Dribia. This will allow the analysis of the data collected to determine whether AI can predict faults at the Cellografica Gerosa plant. By means of AI, parameters of motors and different sensors of the machines are analysed in real time in order to foresee an anomalous state that could lead to a quality problem.

DDM is an experimental development in which the production processes of different companies in the same group are digitised and the data is standardised in order to be able to make decisions in real time both at an individual level per production plant and at a group level.

The final result of the DDM project will be the competitive improvement of the companies involved and will have an impact on the generation of greater intelligence on the matter, which can be replicated in the rest of Spanish SMEs, thus committing to Industry 4.0.  

The Data-Driven Maintenance project has been funded by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism through the support programme for Innovative Business Groups (AEI), within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, with the aim of improving the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises.  

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