CDTI 's General Manager explains the innovation vouchers in 2021 at a CTA conference

Submitted by David Paez on 25 March 2021

  • Javier Ponce participates in a CTA cycle of thematic events on the European Next Generation EU recovery funds to explain the strategic lines of the CDTI after increasing its budget by 42% this year thanks to the recovery plan.

  • Pre-commercial Public Procurement will give priority to projects in the field of green hydrogen.

  • A strong boost will be given to capitalization mechanisms for technology-based startups through Venture Capital, with between € 20 and € 25 million planned per quarter.

  • There will be specific vouchers for companies particularly affected by the pandemic, such as aeronautics and the automotive industry.

The CDTI's General Manager, Javier Ponce, has participated today in a conference organized by CTA, within a cycle of thematic events on European recovery and resilience funds Next Generation EU. He informed innovative companies about the strategic lines of this public funding body in 2021.

More than 60 representatives of innovative companies attended the event, in which CDTI´s Director congratulated CTA for "the permanent support to Andalusian companies for access to funds and development and coordination for R&D projects".

Ponce explained that CDTI, the entity that grants the most direct vouchers to the Spanish business sector, has increased its budget by 42% in 2021 thanks to the recovery and resilience plan. He stressed that the CDTI will maintain its usual financing activity and also pointed out some of the priorities to which this additional budget will be dedicated.

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