Case study Bij Choi - Participation in the Innovation Tour China

Submitted by Jeroen Wouters on 20 November 2019

Bij Choi is an internationally oriented company focussing on import and export of food products, especially dairy products. Bij Choi participated in the NF4 Innovation Tour to China and was already familiar with the Chinese market, however no export to China had taken place yet. Therefore this Innovation Tour to China was a good opportunity to meet new contacts and gain insights in the agrifood market. During the Innovation Tour to China, Bij Choi participated in company visits to DSM Innovation Center, Shanghai Jiao Tong University & Yinlu-Group, a presentation about the differences of the innovation landscape in Europe and China, a seminar about AgriFood in Xiamen and a visit to the SIAL Shanghai exhibition.

The reason of the company to participate in the mission was to meet new international partners and expand logistic activities, such as supply chain management, distribution facilities, warehousing and shipping agencies. Participation in the mission resulted in a good international visibility and development of more business activities. Especially the SIAL exhibition was very valuable and successful, the direct way of doing business and trying the products was appealing to the company. Besides, Bij Choi gained a lot of useful contacts in China and within the EU (Spain, Belgium, The Netherlands).

The mission to China has led to a lot of relevant contacts. In the Netherlands, Bij Choi had several meetings regarding collaborations with dairy products, for example cheese, milk powder, baby food and infant nutrition and pure natural, organic butter. In November 2019, Bij Choi is in direct contact with two potential partners that look very promising. One of these contacts was the result of the visit in Xiamen and the seminar organized in collaboration with Foodvalley China. This relation plans to organize a trip to The Netherlands to investigate the Dutch and European food industry and its opportunities further. The second contact has been the result of the visit to the SIAL in Shanghai and has interest for dairy products from The Netherlands.

For further international missions, Bij Choi advises to provide more information to the SMEs to prepare for the foreign market.

“This mission created a good opportunity for my SME to start internationalization as a truly Dutch company that supplies high-quality dairy products from the Netherlands and other European countries.” – Ming Willenborg, Director of Bij Choi 

Company ProfileBij Choi is importing various drinks and snacks from South Korea to the Netherlands. For example, Soju and seaweed products. The company is also interested to export various Dutch cheeses to China, Japan and South Korea. For example Bio Bewust cheese. Bio Bewust is a naturally ripened cheese without artificial colorants or preservatives. Bio Bewust is a full-bodied, creamy, organic specialty cheese, produced in a traditional way.

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