Case study The Belgian Brewery - Participation in the Innovation Tour China

Submitted by Isabelle Grommet on 20 June 2019

The NF4 delegation went to China from May 12th – 17th. The NF4 consortium went to Xiamen (Fujian) and Shanghai on May during the SIAL China week with a delegation of 19 companies. Among these companies, there is one brewery, the particularity? It comes from Belgium and its name is “The Belgian Brewery”.

The Belgian brewery was born from the meeting of complementary and passionate personalities. The Brewmaster is a true passionate, “felt in” when he was young. The love of well-made beer has always inhabited him. He began pharmacist studies that he finished brilliantly and made it his job. But the passion didn’t stop, so he decided to undertake brewery studies and thus acquired the bases that allowed him to explore and excel in all brewing techniques. He then spent many years perfecting his craft and became a true specialist who shared his know-how with many brewers in Belgium. He has worked in several breweries and his pharmacist training brings him specific skills recognized by his colleagues. Bruno Jacobs who participate this mission is the Co-CEO of this brewery. He is scientist and has turned to entrepreneurship. He is also a beer lover and dreams to make his own beer.

Success is always associated with passion and motivation, this little brewery is becoming more and more well-known in Belgium. Nowadays, they are looking for opportunities outside of Belgium. Since the Belgian beer is linked with quality and the number of worldwide beer lovers keep going on, especially in China, “the demand for craft beer in China has significantly increased over the last few years, with both the rise of local craft breweries and the arrival of a growing number of foreign brands” (CBAC 2018). The brewery joined the mission to China in order to beneficiate the NF4 Fast track internationalization accelerator services. He is very satisfied about the mission and the link with other participants was strengthened:

I was well informed before the mission: we had a very rich meeting giving us relevant information about the market and Chinese habits. Once there, a few meetings were already organised and we also had the chance to visit the important “SIAL” fair.  We also visited an university and a research company (DSM) where I could find some ideas to improve my production plan. After the mission, I keep in contact and I am sure that I will have all the needed help to achieve the commercialisation of our products to China.”

Hope him a big success in China!


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