C-Voucher got selected as one of the winners of the #EUinmyRegion postcard contest!

Submitted by William Fox on 04 September 2020

#EUinmyRegion is a co-created communication campaign that aims to increase the visibility of EU-funded projects across Europe. Managing authorities and project beneficiaries are invited to engage with citizens to show what they achieve together within the EU in their regions of influence.

C-Voucher participated in the postcard contest with the idea to give our EU-funded project the visibility it deserves with the #EUinmyregion initiative.

We submitted everything that was needed to participate in the contest… basically, a picture of one of our boot camps held in Stockholm last year in September. And then, C-Voucher got selected among the winners!

We are expecting 300 printed postcards to arrive, so we can distribute them our network. 

Thank you to all that make C-Voucher happen!

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C-Voucher Project
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