C-Voucher 2nd Value Replication Open Call to Launch on August 3rd

Submitted by William Fox on 10 July 2020

C-Voucher is looking for European SMEs with a circular idea, interested in creating a plan for the circular development.

If you have been curious whether your circular idea can be implemented in your company and don’t know where to start, apply to the C-VoUCHER Circularity Value Replication Programme. A programme for SMEs, which are interested in being inspired by circular solutions, developed in C-Voucher.

The Open Call will be launched on August 3rd and will close on October 30th at 17:00 - Brussels Local Time.

SMEs applying for this call will be stimulated to create innovative circular solutions based in:

- The Circularity Solutions developed within the Circularity Programme of C-VoUCHER (in case that the applicant’s business profile and circular potential is aligned with one of the SMEs that are currently participating or that participated in the Circularity Programme).

- A new circular business model based on a circular building block in Industrial Symbiosis, Material resource efficiency, Renewable Energy and Energy efficiency, Biological products, Product Life Cycle Extension, Performance Economy, Sharing Economy and Platform Economy).

Selected SMEs will get  €15,000 (a lump sum to cover the costs of participation in the programme) and access to the Value Replication Programme (up to three months in total length). 


Outcomes of the Replication Programme

At the end of the three months Value Replication Programme, the selected SMEs will have prepared with the support of a designer a written English Circular Business Case (6-15 pages) plus a roadmap on how to implement the circular solution. In addition, the companies will receive if interested:

• A list of possible private investors by our partner BLUMORPHO

• A list of public funding sources including regional as well as European funding by our supportive partner Econet


For more information on how to apply, please visit the webpage of the Open Call: https://call-for-adopters.fundingbox.com/

For more information about C-Voucher visit our website at www.c.voucher.com

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