Submitted by Katherina Ulrich on 31 January 2022


On 20.01.2022, the last of five virtual BLUES Peer Learning Webinars (PLW) took place. It was a series of over one and a half years of excellence and inspiring knowledge sharing, best practices and fruitful discussions.

We (BLUES) started the series with a getting to know each other PLW where we also discussed the COVID situation and the influence of all our projects. We prepared together with the other participating ESCP-4x partnerships a common note which was sent to the project officers of the projects and to the IT Support Office. This common note was the cornerstone for the following PLW where we discussed with the EC, EASME and IT Support Office the common issues regarding the COVID situation and how we can solve them. This PLW was the most successful one as nearly all funded ESCP-4x partnerships took part.

The third PLW was used to enlarge the topic and to not only focus on the COVID situation and the ClusterXchanges but on topics like communication and adopting action plans. All participating partnerships discussed the next PLW topic and the most common ground was the preparation of European projects. We invited for the fourth PLW Marc Pattinson from GAC Group as an external expert to give us an overview of the upcoming and running European funding opportunities. A very interesting knowledge sharing and best practice session followed this brilliant presentation. During this PLW, we realise the different best practices and we decided to enlarge the topic within the last Peer Learning Webinar. The topic of the fifth PLW was to give best practices on how you support your cluster members in building EU Projects. This was an excellent last PLW with a lot of different best practise and how we can better support our members.
The BLUES consortium would like to thank all participating ESCP-4x partnerships for their commitment, for sharing their experiences and for making this PLW series such a success.

As this series was such a huge success, we would like to announce that we decided to have a very last PLW in the second half of 2022 and we would really like to welcome to this PLW also the second generation ESCP-4x partnerships.

If you would like to join the very last PLW or if you would like to have more information about the past PLW, just get in contact with us: Mylène HACHE, [email protected]

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