bioXclusters PLUS partnership and Australian organisations sign international super cluster agreement

Submitted by Emilie ROMEO on 17 June 2016

The bioXclusters PLUS partnership, formed by the 4 European healthcare clusters – Biocat (Catalonia, Spain), BioM (Bavaria, Germany), bioPmed (Piedmont, Italy) and Lyonbiopole (Auvergne-Rhone Alpes, France) and supported by the EU’s COSME Programme, have signed a business development agreement with South Australian organisations at BIO International Convention 2016 in San Francisco on June 8th.

The agreement aims at helping in a reciprocal way fast-track business results for SMEs and propose common solutions regarding landing in the concerned markets. The bioXclusters PLUS partnership gathers more than 3,300 SMEs, focusing on drug development, healthcare and medical technology. On the other side, the 2 Australian organisations, BioSA and Health Industries South Australia, cover over 100 health industries companies and research organisations in Adelaide, a city with a fast-growing health and life sciences sector.

BioXclusters PLUS Main contacts:

Emilie ROMEO (Lyonbiopole) - Project coordinator: [email protected]

Jordi FABREGA (Biocat) - bioXclusters PLUS Commmunication contact: [email protected]

Detailed information here:

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