BasquegameLab got the second award among more innovative collaborative projects

Submitted by Itziar Vidorreta on 18 December 2017

Last 14th of December the 5th Cluster National Congress was held in Madrid sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness. It is the biggest meeting of business associations in Spain which meet every year in order to share experiences and conclusions in terms of business collaboration and economy challenges.

This year is the 4th time which the congress organizes a Collaborative Innovation Project Contest for the recognition of the best business initiatives of associations. Within this competition, GAIA showed the BasquegameLab project, the living lab for the development, testing and experimentation of 4.0 projects in relation with industrial solutions based on gaming technologies. This Basque project was awarded with the second prize, where the acceleration for the knowledge transfer and the applied technology was highly valued. It was identified as a great opportunity for the creation of synergies among all industries, and solutions for the digital transformation.                        

BasquegameLAB, lab and meeting point

Since last March, BasqueGameLab is opened to society (students and people), and companies interested in the Ensanche Market in Bilbao. The objective is to enable collaboration among companies which offer and demand technological solutions as virtual, expanded and mixed reality touch screen interaction, 3D, mobile apps, training simulators… suitable for 4.0 environments.

Companies, which are members of GAIA, lead this facility as a business alliance, and can offer a response to the increase of this kind of solutions, which increasingly have more prominence for the need of digital transformation in all the industrial production processes in the context of the Industry 4.0.

BasquegameLab is a strategic infrastructure supported by the Provincial Government of Bizkaia, City Council of Bilbao, Basque Government – SPRI and counts with the leadership of 12 companies.

More information about the BasqueGameLab in the next video:

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