Autonomous ships in ports

Submitted by MAREK GRZYBOWSKI on 19 February 2021


The operation of fully unmanned vessels in ports is still not legally possible. In addition, to handle such ships, appropriate infrastructure is necessary, for example, allowing for automatic mooring. Ports must have adequate infrastructure to ensure safe sailing. These are not the only challenges. The initiators of the MASSPorts network highlighted the need to develop standards for autonomous units and wharfs where these ships will moor and electric ships will charge their batteries. It is also necessary to establish a common terminology so that technical, legal and organizational solutions guarantee full ship safety in ports. These problems were widely discussed by the members of the Baltic Sea and Space Cluster during the scientific conference “Sea Port + Space Infrastructure. Synergic Network Under Common Management” in 2018. The results and conclusions of the research can be found in the book Per Mare ad Astra. Space Technology, Governence and Law. It discusses technical, organizational and legal aspects related to the integration of knowledge in the field of marine and space technologies. The book was published by the Polish Academy of Sciences, Gdańsk Branch.

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