ARRIVAL: Your Gateway to Sustainable Transport Solutions

Submitted by Tedora Aibu on 25 May 2023




ARRIVAL is the new face of the old ‘ENTRANCE MATCHMAKING PLATFORM’. By combining the resources and expertise of two EU-funded projects, ENTRANCEand RECIPROCITY, ARRIVAL has been created through the merger of two platforms to connect innovators, investors, policy-makers, and end-users within the transport and mobility sectors. ARRIVAL is a revolutionary matchmaking platform designed to accelerate the adoption of innovative and sustainable transport solutions in Europe.


Europe has recognised the pressing need to reduce CO₂ emissions and pollutants in the transport sector. The ARRIVAL platform aims to fast-track the implementation and replication of smart and clean mobility solutions by offering matchmaking services and a treasure trove of information, including the latest industry trends and financial resources, and incentives. ARRIVAL aims to facilitate your search for the right information to replicate mobility solutions in your city or municipality by providing you with:

  • a wider range of suitable contacts as buyers, solutions providers, and investors.
  • targeted knowledge and learning materials such as best practices and training sessions.
  • an innovative matchmaking tool and support services for matchmaking.
  • financial and legal expertise and support.


Anyone involved in the transport and mobility sectors can use ARRIVAL to grow and share their knowledge on sustainable transport solutions. Whether you are an innovator, investor, policymaker, or end-user, ARRIVAL can help you connect with like-minded professionals and access an extensive range of resources and tools.


1. Create an Account – Sign up for a free account on ARRIVAL for full access to the platform’s benefits and services.

2. Connect with Stakeholders – Network with professionals within the transport sector, participate in events and webinars, and forge strategic partnerships.

3. Access Funding Opportunities – Discover funding and investment opportunities for sustainable transport solutions and connect with potential investors.

4. Navigate the Regulatory Landscape – Gain expert guidance on the latest regulations and standards governing the sector.

5. Stay Informed – Stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends, reports, and studies to ensure your knowledge remains cutting edge.


The ARRIVAL platform not only provides a comprehensive range of online services, but it also offers complementary offline services designed to mobilize financial resources and scale up first-of-a-kind sustainable transport initiatives. By leveraging the expertise of the ENTRANCE and RECIPROCITY projects, ARRIVAL helps its users get the most out of their platform experience. ARRIVAL also provides additional information, tools and services relevant for the transport and mobility sector by connecting you with partnering platforms including OPINABABLEETP ALICE and EIT Urban Mobility, among others.


ARRIVAL is the ultimate platform for those looking to revolutionize the transport sector with innovative and sustainable solutions. By connecting professionals across the supply-demand-finance triangle, ARRIVAL empowers its users with the tools, knowledge, and networks needed to drive significant change in the European transport landscape. Create your free ARRIVAL account today and help shape the future of sustainable transport in Europe.

More news about how to use the ARRIVAL platform will come soon. For now, visit and explore the platform here.

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