Appetite For Innovation: American opportunities for European SMEs

Submitted by Nicolas Machado on 11 December 2019

In October 2019, Vitagora had the pleasure to host a delegation from Missouri, United States on the occasion of “Appetite for Innovation”, an event organized by Vitagora. The delegation coordinated by BioSTL was the illustration of the continuous discussions on going between the two organizations since the end of 2018 and the common interest confirmed during the NF4 mission to the USA. Indeed, this innovation tour last March organized by NF4, in which Vitagora was a partner, was the opportunity to meet BioSTL and its network of major corporations of the agri-food sector.

The delegation was led by BioSTL, and composed of Missouri authorities, representatives from Missouri public and private research organizations as well as a large company.

During their 3-day stay in Dijon, the American stakeholders benefited from a deep insight into the network and a chance to discover the centers of excellence of Vitagora’s network through joint visits and individual matchmaking programs of up to 13 individual qualitative meetings per person. It was a great opportunity to enhance win-win collaboration opportunities, to build on scientific expertise from precision agriculture through to healthy nutrition and functional foods for livestock.

Since that date, intense follow up is carried out to ensure future business collaborations between European and US SMEs, the USA being one of the targeted countries of the NF4 program. Discussions are still ongoing with several SMEs, and a cluster-to-cluster partnership is being discussed for 2020.

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