Amsterdam and Madrid host the customizable packaging marketplace, The Pack Finder

Submitted by Serena Rebollo… on 14 December 2021

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  • The  Pack Finder, the first customizable packaging marketplace, exclusively  presented the solution that allows brands to find and customize the desired  container and packaging in 3 easy steps. It did so at the Free From Functional  Food Expo & Health Ingredients fair in Amsterdam, on November 23th-24th,  while, in Madrid, at the EMPACK fair, on 24th and 25th

The cities of Madrid and Amsterdam hosted in their respective packaging fairs, the presentation of The Pack Finder, the first Marketplace that connects suppliers of packaging with brands with a special focus on sustainable, standard and in-stock packaging. A digital platform where brands can find the packaging they need, customize it in 3D and contact the supplier, all in 3clicks.

On Tuesday 23th and Wednesday 24th, The Pack Finder was officially presented at the Free From Functional Food Expo & Health Ingredients fair in Amsterdam, with a presentation entitled “The Pack Finder: The European Marketplace”. To understand why The Pack Finder was born, two pioneering Dutch brands, such as The Gift Label (cosmetics sector) and Naturally Tasty (food sector), shared a round table to explain how the platform has radically simplified their current search, personalization and purchase process of containers.

Sophie Mallens, Sourcing Manager at The Gift Label, explained during the event how The Pack Finder can become the future working tool of the packaging industry thanks to its direct contact system with a large number of different suppliers: “it is very easy and  efficient, it saves you a lot of time. I can find everything I am looking for  with the filters provided by the platform, create several proposals and show  them to my team to decide which is the best option among the possible ones: it  is all we need! "

For his part, Souhaib Aouini, Business Developer at Naturally Tasty, highlighted that "if your  packaging does not reflect sustainability, even if the product does, you are  out! This is why we have invested between 2 and 8 months in finding the  perfect solution for our soups. With the Pack Finder we save all this time and  find solutions for our new releases ”.

Simultaneously, at the Empack Madrid Fair, on November 24th, The Pack Finder was also presented with a round table with two leading speakers of retail in Spain: Naturitas (cosmetics sector) and Áreas (organized catering).

Josep Casas, Founder and CEO of Naturitas, commented that for them “the biggest problem is that the packaging  industry works with very large runs and we need small volumes between 300-500  units to test new launches ... and if this works, the following orders will be  5,000 first and the following from 50,000. Now we have to pick up the phone  book and we are calling, asking for favors ... The Pack Finder will solve this  crucial issue for us”.

Cristina Alonso, Head of Merchandising at Areas Iberia, highlighted their commitment to sustainability and the difficulty in finding packaging. "I encourage packaging manufacturers to sign up for  the platform so that we can speak the same language." She stressed that  The Pack Finder is a solution that goes further "since we can launch  challenges so that packaging manufacturers respond directly to us."

About  The Pack Finder

 Once you access the Marketplace, at the first step is look for the needed container in the previously digitized containers, for 3 criteria: format, material and sector. When one has been chosen, and through 3D design, the details of the container can be customized in real time and finally contact the supplier to receive a budget proposal. The objective is to facilitate and accelerate the time that companies spend in launching their new products to the market, while responding to real industry needs.

Before to the launch, a total of  23 suppliers with more thant 150 envases configurables have joined the marketplace: Bolsalea, Capsa, Cart Service, Control Pack, Carmen Packaging, Envaso, Hinojosa, IFlex, Inka Palet, Gráficas Salaet, knauf Industries, Klöckner Pentaplast, Metplas, Molpack, Multiembalajes, NG Plastics, Raja, Ramon Clemente, Rotorprint, Graficas Varias, Coradin, Triana, Envaselia and in the other hand, more than 15 brands, of new creation and others really well known in the market, as Areas, Barelly, Bonpreu, Cal Valls, Edward Field, Espai Haruna, La Fageda, Frusano, Herbolario Bio, Leng d'Or, Naturitas, Pastisart, Tailsip, Teb and Trias.

Brands and suppliers interested in being part of The Pack Finder project can visit the website to schedule a meeting with the project team to make a personalized demonstration of the tool or contact directly with [email protected]

The Pack Finder is a 3D CLICK project, with the support of the Packaging  Cluster, which, as they say: “was born in the sector itself and for the  sector with the aim of offering direct access to real packaging configurators  from European suppliers, and thus being able to satisfy cosmetic, food and  e-commerce brands that focus on agility, sustainability and personalization".

About 3D CLICK and the Packaging Cluster

3D CLICK is a technology-based startup with the mission of democratizing the search process and customization of packaging 100% easy, circular and in real time. With customers across Europe and now entering the Americas, it helps both, packaging suppliers and brands, to be more competitive and sustainable in a changing global environment where flexibility and sustainability are top priority.

The Packaging Cluster is made up of more than 100 active members between companies, knowledge centres and entities that represent the entire value chain of the container and packaging sector. The objective of the Cluster is to improve the competitiveness of the packaging ecosystem by promoting market intelligence, networking, and projects, among many other activities.

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