the precision agriculture platform from México to the world

Submitted by Héctor Manuel … on 12 June 2021

analisis01 is a Precision Agriculture technology platform within Agriculture 4.0, it provides digital services to support the development of agricultural suppliers, supporting key production processes. allows monitoring the health and nutrition status of crops, through digital analysis based on satellite images, showing the areas of the crop that require specific attention to improve production performance. facilitates the planning, execution and supervision of production and harvest activities carried out by the producer in each growing area. standardizes the processes of the agricultural supply chain, aligning the production and harvest processes to the requirements of the different markets. promotes the generation of value at both ends of the supply chain, by virtue of the fact that it facilitates the buyer to monitor, advise and follow up on the farmer's production to obtain products with the expected quality; and allows the producer to increase the yield and profitability of their crops.

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