AEICE in collaboration with two of its members, RECSO and CITOPIC, and CEMOSA presents the "Handbook for the use of recycled aggregates and reccomendations for its purchase" within the framework of Circular Economy

Submitted by ENRIQUE COBREROS on 23 November 2018

Last Tuesday, November 20th, the "Handbook for the use of recycled aggregates and recommendations for its purchase" was presented at the Innovation and Economic Development Agency of Valladolid, as a result of the project "ECOCIVIL: recycled aggregates for sustainable infrastructures", granted by the City Council in the 2017 call for proposals for the Circular Economy.

This handbook will be an essential tool for professionals and companies in the infrastructure, construction and waste treatment sectors, which will transform the traditional construction model (linear) into a circular one that guarantees the sustainability of buildings and infrastructures.

In addition to the presentation of the handbook, there was a round table discussion with different experts and a networking coffee where attendees could meet other professionals and exchange opinions.

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