Submitted by Josep Casamada on 25 September 2020

During the last months, AEI Tèxtils, the Catalan technical textile’ cluster, has notably increased its activity. This growth is due to the progressive incorporation of new members and to the new projects in implementation by both its members and the cluster itself.

In this sense, it is important to highlight the soaring interest of companies in the sector to develop innovation and strategic projects. Some of these projects have been possible thanks to European funding programs such as SME instrument, INNOWIDE or SMARTEES 2.

In the lasts two years, seven projects of AEI Tèxtils’ members have benefited of these highly competitive funding schemes. It is also noteworthy to highlight AEI Tèxtils’ leadership of the European network CONTEXT, as well as its participation in several projects, the attendance and organization of international events or the organisation of internal members’ workshops.

All those activities together with the beginning of two strategic projects for the cluster (GALACTICA, within INNOSUP-01 programme and TEXGLOBAL, within Cluster go International programme), have propelled the need to adapt the required professional profiles to perform the cluster activities as well as to complement them with new profiles.

Currently, AEI Tèxtils comprises a team of 5 collaborators with diverse professional profiles to focus on contributing with their experience in technical textiles, on developing innovating activities, managing projects or on strategic reorientation processes.

  • Ariadna Detrell, PhD in Industrial Organization, as Cluster Manager
  • Josep Casamada, MSc in Chemical Engineering and Innovation Management, as Responsible of Projects’ Management.
  • Miguel Vaz, MSc in Economics and Innovation Management and in Applied Microbiology, as Project Manager.
  • Marta Casadesús, PhD in Textile Engineering, as Project Manager.
  • David Gómez, Degree on Political Science and Public Management, as Corporate Development responsible.

Members of the AEI Tèxtils’ team (from left to right: Miguel Vaz, David Gómez, Marta Casadesús, Ariadna Detrell, Josep Casamada)  

With this new structure, AEI Tèxtils’ aims to improve as a tool to promote, to facilitate and to contribute to the increase the competitiveness of the technical textiles’ cluster and its members.

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