AEI Tèxtils supports its members to deploy their digitalization strategy

Submitted by Josep Casamada on 13 July 2022


The concept of Digital Twin emerged in recent years and is now one of the main trends in manufacturing industries, allowing companies to significantly increase their competitiveness. In this context, Change2Twin is a European project which supports manufacturing SMEs in their digitalization processes by providing funding for the implementation of Digital Twin solutions.

AEI Tèxtils, the Catalan Cluster of Advanced Textile Materials, is supporting two of its members in the implementation and follow-up of their awarded Change2Twin projects running since earlier this year.

Marina Textil manufactures and commercializes technical protective fabrics (woven fabrics, knitted fabrics) for personal protective equipment (PPEs) for a wide range of industrial sectors. With the deployment of a digital twin, the company aims at controlling the whole process of each technical fabric production cycle and supply chain orders through the digitization of its processes and development of an Extranet as the best quality guarantee to offer to its clients.

FINSA - Filtros Industriales has a wide range of high-quality technical fabrics for filtration, manufactured with machinery specially designed for this type of products. As part of FINSA digital transformation strategy, there is a strong interest on improving all processes to become more competitive, especially through digitalization and the creation of a digital twin. At its weaving plant, FINSA is creating a digital replica of the manufacturing floor covering all the looms and is also planning to use artificial intelligence and other optimization tools to support scheduling and maximize productivity.

Previously, in 2021, also thanks to the support from Change2Twin project, two other cluster members: E.Cima and Marina Race beneficiated from a digitalization assessment.

AEI Tèxtils promotes technological innovation and new business models as a driver of growth and competitiveness of SMEs in the sector, particularly in digitalization as a horizontal aspect of its strategy aiming at enhancing the digital transformation of the sector through innovation, internationalization, skills and business development. To do so, the cluster supports its members in connecting with strategic partners in Catalonia and also across Europe thanks to its broad strategic network of partners.

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