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The Catalan cluster of advanced textile materials, AEI Tèxtils, together with the Packaging Cluster and the collaboration of LEITAT Technological Center, has started TEXSOSPACK project, co-financed by the Waste Agency of Catalonia in the framework of the program Promotion of Circular Economy. The project aims to promote the implementation of sustainable packaging in the advanced textile materials’ sector.

TEXSOSPACK will contribute to strengthen the coordination and communication between both sectors, packaging and advanced textile materials, to establish and reinforce key alliances in terms of waste prevention, extending the life cycle of the materials used and helping to decarbonize the productive economy.

As a starting point, a state-of-the-art analysis will be carried out to identify good practices in sustainable primary, secondary and tertiary packaging in different sectors. In parallel, the main challenges of the advanced textile materials’ sector will be collected in order to identify common needs and to establish priorities. Then, an inter-cluster session will be organized, with textile and packaging companies, with the aim to present the challenges and, through a dynamic session, to draft potential solutions.

Out of the different solutions, both clusters will select four to conduct an environmental assessment that will be included in a guide on how to implement sustainable packaging for companies in the advanced textile materials’ sector and which could be extrapolated to other companies in the textile sector and even to other sectors.

The aim of TEXSOSPACK is to facilitate the green transition of the Catalan advanced textile materials’ and packaging sectors, both mainly formed by SMEs, while generating new business opportunities to increase their competitiveness based on close collaboration and the reduction of the environmental impact of their services and products.

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Contact AEI Tèxtils:

Dr. Ariadna Detrell

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Contact Packaging Cluster:

Carlos Jiménez

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