AEI Tèxtils and the Packaging Cluster organized a textile/packaging intercluster session for a more sustainable future

Submitted by Serena Rebollo… on 25 October 2022

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On September 27, the textile/packaging intercluster session took place, within the framework of the Texsospack project which is coordinated by AEI Tèxtils and the Packaging Cluster, with the collaboration of LEITAT Technological Center and the co-funding of the Waste Agency of Catalonia. 

The objective of the session was to work on the challenges faced by companies in the advanced textile materials’ sector in the packaging field. In total, 12 companies from both clusters participated in person in the CECOT headquarters in Terrassa. 

Dr. Marta Casadesús, Project Manager at AEI Tèxtils, opened the session presenting Texsospack project and the actions already carried out, such as the state-of-the-art publication “Best sustainable packaging practices for the textile industry”. 

The session continued with the presentation of the challenges by Manufacturas ArpeHidrocolor and Cart Service. Several topics of debate arose such as the alternatives of sustainable packaging, the characteristics of the elements of alternative packaging (for example, transparency), the low acceptance of plastic in the market and the current high costs of the raw materials, among others. Based on all the information collected, the participants were split into groups to work on the challenges and propose potential solutions. 

The session was a success; several synergies were generated among the members from both clusters that may lead to future collaborations to promote a more sustainable packaging in the advanced textile materials sector. As a result of these potential solutions, and with the work done during the previous actions of the project, Texsospack coordinators will prepare a report identifying and analysing the environmental impact of four of the solutions provided. 

The clusters act as an axis and as a collaboration environment to facilitate cooperation between companies, research centers, policy makers and other institutions that promote sustainability and provide SMEs with access to new skills, resources and markets. 

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