AdPack and Natureef represented to Czech regional and national RIS3 policy makers

Submitted by Alexander Schwock on 30 September 2016

Within the second event of the cluster promoting road show in the Czech regions "Day of Clusters in the Central Bohemia Region", the Nanoprogres cluster organisation, member of AdPack, and CREA Hydro & Energy, member of NATUREEF, presented together the European cluster policy and the importance of the European strategic cluster partnerships to regional and national RIS3 policy makers, such as the Central Bohemian Innovation Centre and Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic. The event was organized by the Czech National Cluster Association under the auspices of the Governor of the Central Bohemian Region, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Agency for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Technology Agency of the Czech Republic and Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Crafts of the Czech Republic. Visited by around hundred participants at the attractive premises of the ELI Beamlines R&D laser centre in Dolni Břežany, the event confirmed the growing significance the cluster organisations play in the fields of innovation and internationalisation development. 

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