ACTTiVAte, a reference in fostering cross-sectoral tech transfer

Submitted by Carlos Romero on 05 June 2019

ACTTiVAte has directly promoted half a hundred cross-sectoral technology transfer projects, and laid the foundations for the development of new value chains involving different sectors and countries.

1.5 million euros of direct financing have been allocated to these SMEs, and 4.3 million euros in business support services (information, training and facilitation of access to relevant stakeholders, mainly).

The beneficiary SMEs have also been able to raise close to 1.7 million extra-funds in 2018, according to the information they have provided. This more than doubles the direct financial support provided by ACTTiVAte that year. In addition, they have invested about 4.5 million euros in their innovative projects, without including the ACTTiVAte funds.

These are just some of the quantitative results of the initiative, whose impact on SMEs is far-reaching. In fact, SMEs give ACTTiVAte a global score of 4.4 points out of 5 and SMEs appreciate the non-financial support received (especially training).

At the same time, ACTTiVAte offers a reference for the promotion of cross-sectoral technology transfer, carried out by European SMEs and with the aid of cluster organizations and other business support entities, as a means of stimulating and promoting regional innovation ecosystems.


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