Acceleration of cooperation in USA

Submitted by Patrick Vuillermoz on 22 April 2019

In 2018, the main focus of Wiintech2020 has been the partnership with USA with the different main results of involvement od European SMES into cross Atlantic business coopérations

  • 2018:
    • Group of 20 EU SMEs present at the NPE trade show – March 2018 (Orlando) with Plastipolis and others ESCP partners. Several business cooperations taking benefit of US partners (Mississippi and Ohio)
  • In particular, the Portuguese Mouldmaking exported in 2014, 17 M€ and in 2018, the total exports to USA has been 37M€. The promotion of PoolnetCluster and Collective Brand “Engineering & Tooling from Portugal” and the partnerships we have been establishing are key activities and they are in line with the main goals, and represents lessons learned by the Wintech project

  • Forecast for 2019:
    • Three EU SMEs have setting US operations (Pernoud, Aduxxi, Billion) and are ramping up business developments
    • Plan to reopen a ESCP Wiintech office in the US with a permanent staff (VSNE)
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