6 European countries, represented by companies in the furniture industry, will be present in New York, USA and Toronto, Canada

Submitted by Ciprian Morcan on 30 March 2023


Furniture Go International (FGOI) is the largest European furniture and interior designers network in Europe, with the objective of supporting furniture companies in internationalizing their businesses to foreign markets: the USA, Canada, Egypt, and South Africa. In 2023, FGOI is putting into practice what they've learned so far by organizing an international delegation to the USA & Canada. The delegation will include participating companies from Sweden, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, and Spain.

The networking events will provide companies with the opportunity of building bridges in the furniture industry and cross-continental connections among European - US and Canadian relations, potentially leading to new business partnerships and collaborations. Additionally, attendees will learn about the Northern America and European furniture market, including market trends, consumer preferences, and industry standards, which will support them in better understanding the global furniture industry and expand their business.

Thanks to the initial exploratory visits organized in 2022, as well as to the good relations among the project partners and stakeholders in the USA and Canada, attendees will have the opportunity to exchange, collaborate and network during the 5 days in New York, USA, and Toronto, Canada.

FGOI will also be presenting their official USA & Canada Ambassadors, who will serve as the main point of contact between continents for potential industry insights. More information about the event, including the detailed agenda, information about participating companies, and registration details, will be published in the coming weeks. In the meantime, interested parties are encouraged to save the date and reach out to Susanne Israelsson: [email protected] and Bernard Likar [email protected] with any questions or concerns.

Overall, the business mission is an excellent opportunity for companies in the furniture industry to expand their business, learn about new markets, and build relationships with international partners.

To learn more about FGOI and their mission, visit the official website at https://fgoi.eu
Learn about our ambitions project here: https://fgoi.eu/fgoi-project/

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