5th edition of Poster Mapster 2021, the French clusters mapping

Submitted by Veronique Durand on 29 March 2021


France Clusters has just published the 5th edition of its “Mapster”, the mapping of French clusters

#Mapster 2021 includes almost 300 industrial and services clusters, representing overall 80,000 French companies and their 1,500,000 employees in all sectors and regions of France. It is a unique tool created by France Clusters, which has been published for the first time in January 2017.

Goals :

1 / Boost the visibility of French clusters at national, European and international level

2 / Be the key reference regarding French Clusters

3 / Clearly identify all French clusters :

  • by sector through the thematic index
  • by region through the location map

MAPSTER is published with the support of our partners:

  • ANCT / Agence Nationale pour la Cohésion des Territoires
  • Territoires d’Industrie
  • Banque des Territoires
  • Programme VIVALAB de la CNAV
  • Interfaces
  • THE NEXT SOCIETY / i-Community

REGISTER HERE TO RECEIVE THE MAP >> https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdcRPH-OSrT13sAOh7XOWArY_WgmwD…

MAPSTER echoes « Mapster online » >> http://france-clusters.clusterz.fr/annuaire

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